SimplyVibe Radio


Robust portable rechargeable radio

I’ve had this portable rechargeable radio for at least 18 months now and it’s survived many accidental drops, tosses and throws from a toddler.

My wife and I were in the market for a radio we could use to play white noise to help drown out the street noise in our child’s room. For a while we used an iPod Touch playing back a looped white noise MP3. I was tired of having the iPod tied up all night (and during nap times). Dedicated white noise machines are expensive and have limited functionality. What I was looking for was a device that would play a continuous loop of a single track (the white noise track), but was expandable enough to still be useful once we no longer needed it as a white noise machine.

The SimplyVibe SV-X7 (or baby boombox as we’ve come to call it) meets that simple-use case and more. It’s got a built-in battery (a Nokia cell phone battery), recharges via a mini usb cable, has a built-in radio tuner, a 3.5mm aux in-port and it plays back MPS/WMA/WAV files from either a usb flash drive (from its full-sized usb port) or from the micro SD slot (what we use). The sound quality is good, and it has a decent volume range.

We’ve taken this camping, to hotels, and even use it to play music outside when working in the yard. It’s to the point where I need to order another one so I can use it when the kid is sleeping!

-- Jason Huebsch 10/9/13

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