Powerful screen capture tool

Skitch is a free OSX (and iOS/Android) screen capture application that I use on a daily basis while editing Cool Tools. Like other screenshot utilities, Skitch allows you to capture the entire screen, a specific window, or drag a selection box across a specific portion of the screen. Skitch’s selection box features crosshairs that function as a loupe to show you what you’re capturing on a pixel level which makes capturing exactly what you want very easy. I am particularly fond of other touches like the ability to drag the image in order to export/resize to the desktop or a particular folder.

Once you’ve captured your image, Skitch features a host of useful tools like drawing, text editing, shapes, easy resizing, and a number of export options. Sharing, in particular, is well implemented, and allows you to either upload directly to Skitch’s servers, or to your own FTP, WebDav, and Flickr account. Given that Skitch was recently acquired by the previously reviewed Evernote, it also features solid integration with another of our favorite applications.
Skitch Screen.jpg
In the past I’ve used other screen capture applications like the lightweight Capture Me, Apple’s Grab, and the traditional screen capture via hotkeys, but nothing has come close to the ease of use and function of Skitch. While Skitch isn’t available on PCs, they have developed stand-alone apps for iOS and Android, however, it really shines on the desktop.

-- Oliver Hulland 06/13/12