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Skylite LED


Red/white torch w/adjustable brightness

This light is designed for star gazing, but it is also a superb in-the-glove-box light since it provides red light for map reading or general fumbling around without disturbing a driver’s night vision. You can switch to white light when you need it. Yes, the previously-reviewed Pilot’s Light is much brighter with 20 white LED and six red, as opposed to the Skylite’s two white, two red. So as an all-purpose light, the Pilot’s Light might be a better option.

But there’s one feature the Skylite has that the Pilot’s Light doesn’t: a rheostat wheel that lets you attenuate the brightness. Very useful in my case, since I use the light to get up early in the a.m. and walk to the meditation hall/temple. When entering a dark mediation hall at any time of day or night, the red light allows one to navigate to a seat without disturbing anyone else already seated. And I can also adjust the beam down further so as not to disturb them. My friends all use red lights as well, because our Spiritual Master instructed us that white light (as opposed to red) stimulates the pineal gland, and it’s best not to do so first thing before meditation. Many of my friends use pinch lights, but I prefer the Skylite because it also provides the option of the adjustable white light when needed.

The light uses a 9v battery — the upside is longer batter life, the downside is no rechargeable option. In addition, you do have to mind the rheostat wheel to make sure you don’t leave the light on slightly. Nevertheless, this is one of my favorite and most used flashlights.

— Cliff Rediger

Skylite LED
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Manufactured by Rigel Systems