Headband headphones for bedtime listening

I’m a chronic insomniac, and often listen to music or podcasts in the late watches of the night. SleepPhones headphones have been a godsend. Basically they’re soft, low profile headphones in a fleece headband. My husband gave me the wired version a couple of years ago, and they were an immediate hit. I have fallen asleep wearing them fairly often.

The sound quality is okay, maybe slightly soft and mushy, but they are so astonishingly comfortable and perfect for bedtime listening that it doesn’t matter. You can pull the band down over your eyes like a sleep mask as well. The fit is a little loose on my smaller-than-average head, but it still works fine. Also a small sideways adjustment will lower the volume a bit, which can be either a feature or a bug. The speakers can be removed so that you can wash the fleece band, though I’ve yet to need to do this.

I own the wired version of these, and the wire is a bit in the way, though if you run the wire straight up and over your head, it works better. I’ve just discovered that there’s a wireless bluetooth version, and I hope to upgrade to them in the near future.

-- Amy Thomson 11/24/14