Slimline Water Container

Durable and compact beverage container

Water is good for you in so many ways, but you have to learn to choose to drink water instead of other beverages. We reinforced that good habit in our family by keeping these 1.5 gallon Slimline water containers ($7) in our refrigerators since our sons were little, at least 20 years ago. With their easy to use dispensers, our boys were able to get their own drinks without having to lift a heavy, spillable jug.

Holding a glass under the spout and pressing the lever dispenses a drink of really cold water and if they missed the glass all that is spilled is a little clean water. The container holds 1.5 gallons, enough for the whole family on even the hottest summer days. Filling up the water container is one of our after-dinner clean-up tasks, readying cold water for the next day.

Because the containers are taller than they are wide they take up very little space in the fridge, about half the width of a half-gallon milk container. The jugs also come in several other sizes, up to 3 gallons.

-- Lee Ellman 07/30/19

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