Smart Spice

Long-shelf-life spice

These small servings of spice are individually wrapped to preserve freshness. Each packet is about a teaspoonful. They are fantastic for spices you may use only occasionally, say nutmeg, cardamon, cumin, etc. Even a tightly capped bottle of spice will loose potency compared to these sealed envelopes with an extended shelf live of many years. While this method does increase litter compared to bulk spices, the actual volume of extra packing you would use in a year is negligible — maybe equivalent to large plastic bag. In exchange for this and a higher price per ounce, you get organic spice with remarkable freshness, always at the ready. Because of their intense flavor we’ve started using them for some spices we use regularly. (I am surprised the creators don’t offer a single box “spice rack” with a sample of each spice.) The tiny packets are also great for camping.

-- KK 05/28/10

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