Smarter googling/Recast/Manage Productivity Guilt

Recomendo - issue #374

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Smarter googling

Google has taken its first steps toward integrating its generative AI into your search. Google SGE is now available as a default option in your browser. When you google something the AI sorts the answers into a readable summary, which allows you to respond and ask further questions in a conversational mode. It displays at the very top of the search page in a tinted box. I find it very helpful, reliable, and extremely easy to use – it’s just there. To turn it on, you need a Google account, Chrome on desktop or Google app on phone, and to be in the US. — KK

Turn articles into short audio summaries

Recast is a smartphone app that converts any online article into a brief podcast-style audio summary with high quality AI voices. The free version lets you listen to a large selection of pre-processed articles. For $10 a month, you can select articles you want to summarize. I’m sticking with the free version for now. — MF

How to Manage Productivity Guilt 

This post on Instagram is meant to help you understand the difference between being busy and being productive. It also serves as a reminder that taking a 10-minute break every hour is important, and that you should be your biggest supporter and celebrate your accomplishments each day rather than focus on what didn’t get done. The account @thebraincoach is run by a neuropsychology doctoral student and my mental body is grateful for this kind of social media content. — CD 

Lemon eucalyptus oil mosquito repellent

Los Angeles is under invasion by the Aedes “ankle-biting” mosquito, which was first spotted in Southern California in 2001. The population has been growing ever since. Some of my family members have bad reactions to DEET, so I bought Murphy’s Naturals Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Insect Repellent Spray. It keeps the mosquitoes away, as long as I reapply it every few hours. — MF

Food tips

I loved finding these tips on, which is a website that gives you recipes based on what you have in stock. I can’t verify the usefulness of all the tips, but the two I’m walking away with today are 1) spiraling my spaghetti so that falls naturally into the pot and 2) crushing garlic in a ziplock bag. — CD 

Compliment generously

I am a reserved guy. I envy people who can toss off compliments to strangers, making their day. To help me get better at this I’ve been watching British comedian Troy Hawke greet random strangers on the street, showering them with creative, witty, genuine compliments. It is a joy to see strangers shine when praised for a small thing. Hawke’s tiktok/instagram performances, in mustache and smoking jacket, are genius and hard to beat, but his antics have inspired me to be more generous in sharing compliments. — KK


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