Snowcaster Pusher Shovel


Snow shovel with 48-inch blade

This winter’s snow has been particularly annoying with its multiple weekly snowfalls of an inch or less. I hate firing up the snow blower for such a little amount of snow and my 2 foot shovel makes shoveling a tedious chore, so I bought a Snowcaster 48UPH Pusher Shovel.

It has worked great for light snow. A couple of times up and down the driveway and I’m done. I’ve had it for about month and wished I found it years ago.

The shovel is made of light weight nylon and can be lifted, but I just push it and then wedge the snow into the bank.

My brother-in-law loved it so much he bought two, one for each hand, and does his driveway in 15 minutes.

-- Joseph Dante 02/12/16