Soap Mesh Bag


Save your little bits of bar soap

A few years ago I decided to reduce the petrol footprint in my house, as I had started shaving my head: no shampoos, no creams, no hydration lotions… Just a bar of soap with some hydration cream already added. The amount of plastic I use and dispose as part of my toilet routine has gone down to almost zero. (For those interested, I use a trimmer for my head hair and beard, and Dove unscented Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar as soap.)

But what do you do once your soap bar has decreased to an almost unmanageable size? This is one of those tools that are so obvious, once you have started using it… A soap mesh bag. Once the bar is small, I add it to the soap mesh bag, and after 3 or 4 small bars are inside, I use the bag as source for the cleansing foam. You can get 3 for $9 and give them to someone, or get 1 for about $6.

-- Jesus Climent 08/11/16