General Purpose Tools

SOLAS Marine Reflective Tape


Stick-ons, boosts visibility

We’ve been using 3M’s SOLAS reflective tape for several years. It was designed for the Coast Guard to use on life jackets, so you know it has to be tough and withstand time, bad weather and wet conditions (SOLAS = safety of life at sea). It is a bit expensive, but it is the brightest and most durable stuff I’ve ever found. We use it everywhere and have put in on just about everything: garbage cans, walking sticks, jackets, kayaks, a bicycle, a stroller, a trailer, traffic cones, automobile door jams (so oncoming traffic sees me right away), the trunk of my car (an instant safety device if I get stuck on the side of the road) and the car’s mudguards. The strips on our mudguards — which take a lot of abuse! — are still sticking after more than seven years. Now that I’ve seen how effective it is, I really think it should be a law that all cars come stocked with reflective stripping on door jams.

-- Jeff Ellis 05/27/08