Solderless Wire Splicer

Wire Tapping Made Easy

Tool: Solderless Quick Splice Snap Wire Connector

Guest: Tyler Winegarner

Alright so today I’m showing off these solderless quick wire splice connectors. As typical with wire connectors they come in different colors and refer to different wire gauges they can work with. You see we have basically two channels for wires and what these will enable you to do is quickly splice into a wire that is already active. I first encountered these when I would get these kits to install heated grips onto my motorcycle. The idea would be that you would tie into the power for your headlight, and then use that 12 volt power supply to also power the heated grips.

You have these two wire channels. This one on the side has a gap that you can fit over the wire that you want to tap into, so you don’t need to disconnect it, you can just kind of fit it over the wire. And then what you see here is it’s got this sort of guillotine blade with two V-shaped blades that you use a pair of pliers to compress down onto the wires, and that’s what makes your wire splice.

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