Soma Cube


3D puzzle

I learned of Soma Cubes years ago and continue to play with the 7 shapes when looking for something to do. They might be compared to Tangrams which are a 2D puzzle while Soma is a 3D puzzle. Soma cubes can be used by all ages as long as they are old enough to appreciate a good puzzle and not eat or choke on the pieces. I’ve built my own puzzle pieces by gluing together 27 dice but there are versions you can purchase on Amazon (this Soma cube ($14) has a deck of 50 cards with shape challenges). Wikipedia has a good description of the game pieces including pictures of the pieces and a few shapes that can be made of them. Search the web for ‘Soma Figures’ and ‘Soma Solutions’ to find shapes to build with your Soma cubes.

-- Russel Brooks 07/25/18