Some Turtles Have Nice Shells

Homemade RV

This is a fabulous picture book of about 400 images of great housetrucks and housebuses (many from the 1970s) with interior shots. Some of the mobile homes are more recent. The houses are built on old truck and bus chassis. Used flatbed trucks can be had today for as little as a few thousand dollars. Both in form and function, these were early, cheap homebuilt RVs. There’s not much how-to in this book; mostly inspirational pictures. It is self-published, and like the self-made homes it covers, the book is very warm, rustic, and cozy. Some of the images are available on the author’s disorganized website. Yeah, you could buy a commercial RV, but these rolling homes have soul. Makes me want to build one.

— KK

Some Turtles Have Nice Shells
Roger Beck
2002, 192 pages
Available from the author’s website

Author’s website, Housetrucks

Online housetruck forum; requires instant registration. Discuss such topics as DMV licences and how to.



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