Ultimate smart-part organizer

This is the ultimate sorting box system for small parts. I have a full hardware store’s worth of stuff in my boxes mounted in a rack. Each drawer slips completely out of the rack. The top is clear so you can see what is inside of it, which I love. It’s got compartments, but they’re all self-registering in the bottom, so they are modular which means you can easily mix and match and rearrange them. They come in all different sizes and colors. Because of the clever design, the inserts are separated from each other, so nothing cross-pollinates.

You can pick up the case by the handle and carry it vertically without fear of the contents spilling inside. Lastly, one of the most difficult things about sorting boxes is that you need to bring them over to your work. But with the Sortimo, you merely lift out the handy compartment with the needed parts and bring that over to your bench and then take it back. It’s really brilliant. The boxes are kind of spendy; A tray with inserts is about $60.  But I’ll have these for the rest of my life. I’ve never had one of these fail.

They are not so easy to find. Sortimo is a German company that actually builds these tool systems for ambulances and work vehicles in Europe. They have one US distributor who really hasn’t worked very hard to get the word out. But I am constantly raving about them.

-- Adam Savage 10/29/12

(This is a German product with a old-world shopping interface. You can't order directly online. You can download a PDF catalog --without prices. You select what you think you want and call the US distributor, who gives you a quote for your system. Most of their customers are companies who are outfitting fleets of trucks or other service vehicles. In fact, they have very cool rigs to hold their trays in different vehicles. --KK — editors)

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