Specialty Bottle

Cheap misc. containers

This retailer sells all sorts of glass, plastic and tin containers at extremely low prices. I found the store two years ago when I set out to start my own darkroom. I knew I wanted small amber bottles to store batches of chemicals, and I learned that glass was important so I could put them in a water bath to get them to the proper temp for film developing. These bottles are available from various photo suppliers, but usually at *many* times the cost and, sometimes, only in bulk. Specialty Bottle sells thirty-two-ounce, amber, glass Boston rounds for $1.86; you can buy as few as one and, as is often the case, the more you buy, the lower the price. I originally bought a bunch of bottles for my darkroom, but have continued using the site for all my bottle-jar-container needs: tall tin containers for storing tea, and short flat tin containers for storing all my bulk spices. Recently, I bought 20 4-oz. glass jars to keep single servings of a mix of fish food. Each jar cost only $0.66.

-- Jamie Marshall 02/13/09

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