Spout Ladle

Best cooking spoon

A spout ladle is the optimal tool for basting. I’ve tried spoons, suction basters, basting mops, and even those new silicone basting brushes. All but the first are less efficient at getting enough liquid out of the bottom of a pan.

Regular spoons, even so-called “basting spoons,” aren’t the right shape for getting down deep into the pan while simultaneously letting you scoop up enough liquid without having to tilt the pan too much. Enter the spout ladle, which is the perfect shape for this. The angles line up; The tilt is right; And it’s long enough you don’t run the risk of burning yourself on the pan or the rack while doing it.

I got mine in Chinatown, which is the only place I’ve ever seen this exact shape. You want a slight angle, not a 90-degree between spoon and handle as in most serving ladles. You can get one close to, but not exactly, that design online.

-- Adam Fields 03/18/05

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