Spray n Wash Stain Stick


Laundry pre-treated stain stick allows you to treat now and wash later

There is no getting around it – I am a slob. Whatever I eat ends up on my shirt. Without the Stain Stick ($2 for a 3-pack) it would look like Jackson Pollock used my clothes as a canvas. So I have made Stain Stick a part of my table setting.

It does not take the stain out immediately, but is a pre-wash that stops the stain from setting until you can get the clothes washed. It can be used up to a week in advance so Monday’s sauce stain can go into the wash on Saturday and still come out.

I have had no problem using it on all sorts of shirt material and it does not leave a ghost of a stain when the shirt is washed. I eat sardines for lunch very often so I can say with certainty it works on grease. At just a couple of dollars a tube (I keep one at home and one in the office) that seems to last even me nearly forever, it is a great tool that saves me a fortune in clothes.

-- Lee Ellman 08/27/19