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Stainless Steel Can Colander


No more soggy tuna

For years I wondered why no one had built or designed a way to drain out all of the liquid out of a can of tuna. Then, lo and behold, I found one. This stainless steel can colander is relatively inexpensive and built with a high grade of stainless steel, so it is practically bullet proof and almost impossible to bend. This colander also works on any normal-sized can, but its real magic is its ability to completely drain the liquid out of a can to prevent wet and soggy tuna. Progressive also makes a plastic colander but I wouldn’t recommend it. The stainless steel model isn’t much more expensive and it will last you your lifetime.

— Dennis Emge

You can flip the colander over and use it on regular cans of things like corn or beans or whatever to drain off the liquid. Its cool.

— Johanna Bocian


(Although this strainers works as advertised, a more versatile option is the more recently-reviewed OXO Strainer. — editors)

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