Adjustable, removeable car-trunk partition

A Stayhold is a right-angled plastic item that goes into a car’s trunk. It measures 9.7″ high, 5.9″ deep (forming the “base”), and 18.5″ wide. Two 1″ wide strips of Velcro run the length of the base, which keeps the upright leg of the right angle vertical, which prevents anything leaning against it from toppling over or sliding around.

To test it, I bought a pair of a smaller (less high and deep) model today at Home Depot, went grocery shopping, descended a steep hill on the way home — and found that they kept my grocery bags upright. (It should also keep open-top containers and potted plants secure.) All right!

It’s on sale at my local (Seattle) Home Depot for $8 each, but when I searched the company’s website it came up Not Found.

It’s $22 for a pair at Amazon, but the product isn’t yet in stock and hasn’t been reviewed. Amazon however will happily add you to its waiting list.

-- Roger Knights 01/13/15

(Other sizes are available on Amazon. The 18.2 x 5.5 x 7.5 inches model is $13. — Mark Frauenfelder — editors)