Stereo-to-Mono Earbud


Converts stereo to mono

For those of us who are deaf in one ear and like to listen to music, stereo earbuds are a major annoyance. Our monophonic ears can only hear one channel at a time when using earphones of any kind. Earbuds that are made for mono input and output only play one channel, and it doesn’t sound right when playing stereo recordings. Some devices allow you to output both stereo channels to one channel that plays on both earbuds. My old Android phone did that. My newer Android 6 phone does not have that option. (Progress!) The solution is a stereo-to-mono-earbud, like the one here. This one also has a retracting cord, which solves the problem of where to stuff all the extra cord. The cord has a microphone so you can use it with phone calls, and a button that pauses and resumes play. Sound quality is good.

-- Dan Hoyt 05/5/17