General Purpose Tools

Stethoscope Kit 


Investigate strange noises around the house

The Lisle Stethoscope Kit is useful for the home mechanic but it is also surprisingly versatile. Besides tracking down errant engine or transmission noises on automobiles, I have used it to find water leaks in my irrigation system, track down a noisy fan in a refrigerator, and even used it to find a plumbing leak behind a wall.

The stethoscope is pretty basic and comfortable enough for short uses. The probes are long enough to reach most hard-to-access areas and the adapters fit securely onto the end of the stethoscope. I have been using this device or one like it for a few decades now. I don’t need it often but I occasionally find it a wonderful tool that saves me quite a bit of time.

-- Cameron Cole 04/12/23

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