Stimulite Body Scrubber


Ultimate body exfoliator

I’ve used the Supracor Stimulite back scrubber for 8 months so far and have loved it from the first instant. Feels great; one side soft for massaging and the other side for a refreshing exfoliating. Long enough to enable use even with a stiff shoulder. I have tried the brush on a long handle, but a shoulder problem made the brush impossible to use. Plus, sometimes, that long handle on the brush was beating me up. With this, I can scrub from hips all the way up to shoulders. It lathers/bubbles very well. Afterward, rinse it, shake, and hang to dry. I have the yellow/white one. One reviewer on Amazon posted a photo of the purple one, and the coloring made it look unclean. So think carefully about what color to get.

-- Charles Huong 04/6/21

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