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Storm Whistle

Ultra-loud, all-weather noisemaker

I found this incredibly loud whistle while putting together a disaster preparedness kit for my car. I did some non-scientific testing against my Fox 40 (rated 115 decibels) by having my son blow into each of them across a soccer field. The Storm (rated 118-120db) definitely sounded louder (decibels are based on a logarithmic scale with a base of 10, so the Storm’s decibel intensity is almost 3 times the Fox 40). It is also advertised as working underwater (the chambers clear as you blow). I haven’t tried it underwater yet, but regardless, this is the loudest whistle I have ever heard.

-- Mark Chow-Young 08/2/18

(There is also a newer, smaller whistle called the Wind Storm ($6). Here's a note from the inventor about the difference between the two whistles:

"The Storm is the original all-weather safety whistle and is manufactured at its exact dimensions in order to produce the most noise energy possible. It is manufactured in order that it can be heard through walls, through glass and through water. The Storm whistle is the loudest whistle in the world and can be heard over a 1/4 of a mile through trees and over a 1/2 mile over water. Over the years however, a number of our customers desired an all-weather whistle that was a little more compact. They wanted a whistle that was a little smaller to fit into a hand bag, on keys, or pocket on a life preserver but still demanded a very loud whistle. For that reason we developed the smaller and more compact Windstorm safety whistle. Smaller, the Windstorm is the second loudest whistle in the world. Second only to the par famous Storm All-Weather Safety Whistle.

"The Storm whistle is the most powerful whistle in the world, easy to hold and easy to hear, it is used by Safety and Rescue teams around the world. The Windstorm whistle is the more compact and sleek version of the Storm whistle. Both whistles have waterproof capabilities, tremendous power and sleek design." — editors)

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