Stow-n-Spin Lazy Susan Organizer


D-shape lazy susan

My previous home had pull-out racks installed on the shelves and they were fantastic but very costly. I was searching for a similar item and eventually found the Stow n Spin.

I have been using it for about a year and have added it in a half dozen places, including my fridge and garage. I store all sorts of items including spices in the cabinet, cans in the pantry, and various glues in my garage.

The clever part is the flat front which allows it to maximize space in typical kitchen cabinets. The interior storage rotates separately which is a great design as well allowing for more items to be easily fetched. I no longer have items getting shoved to the back of cabinets or the pantry and forgotten.

It is fantastic and very affordable compared to other solutions.

-- Cameron Cole 02/9/23

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