GPS cycling and running log

Strava is a web service that lets you get the most out of your bicycle or running-based GPS device. Out on your bicycle ride (in my case), your GPS records and plots your ride. Afterwards, you can upload the data to the web service Strava which pulls out common segments: these can be significant climbs, popular sprint sections, etc. Your speed on these segments can then be compared against your older rides, as well as other riders (can be against everybody or just your friends/club, whatever). If you achieve a personal record, your ride is awarded certain medals and tokens.

Over the last year, I’ve watched my overall average speed and cycling fitness increase as I specifically go after the “Queen of the Mountain” medal, or overall leader, for my usual segments. I’ve once even borrowed a special race bike to even get one of them, as the increased aerodynamics helped cut through the windy bits. As I find new segments, my competitive nature starts figuring out what to try different next time to get even faster. It’s… rather addictive.

-- Natira Harris 12/22/11



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