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Streamlight Nano

Cheap, keychain LED

The Streamlight Nano is a very small, bright, inexpensive keychain light I’ve been using for a couple years and am almost never without. If I have my house and car keys, I have the light. Machined out of anodized black aluminum, its construction reflects that it’s a genuine tool, not a toy or something cheaply made. Besides the obvious uses as a keychain task light, the extreme brightness (10 lumens from four alkaline batteries) allows for near-daylight scrutiny of wherever you shine it. As a self-taught kinetic sculptor, I find my tiny springs, pawls, setscrews and whatever fall off the workbench. Shined horizontally across the floor, this light quickly picks up the otherwise invisible tiny parts I tend to drop. I have other standard-sized flashlights I like a lot — the Pelican Stealthlight 2400 comes to mind — but they always seem to be on a charging station somewhere or in a tool box or simply not immediately available all the time. Though not nearly as powerful as the previously-reviewed Fenix L1D-CE, the Nano is a fraction of the cost. An extremely capable and satisfying light for all those mundane tasks, like locating the torn paper or cosmic detritus that jams the printer, keyboard or lathe chuck. After I got mine from a local cop supply catalog, I ordered one each for my wife, daughters and secretary. Everybody should always have a light and a keychain light is always there.

— Doggo

Streamlight Nano
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