Subhead Grip Stickers


Aesthetically-pleasing anti-slip tape

Why sacrifice style for safety? Subhead grip stickers are an attractive, very effective, functional alternative to regular, boring, anti-slip tape. For the last year, I’ve been using the star-shaped stickers on some wooden steps outside my home. Just recently, I affixed the skull stickers to some rattan sticks I use for martial arts. And in the near future, I’m planning to add some fleur de lis stickers to some other steps. High foot traffic areas also experience a lot of visual traffic — walkways, pool decks, boat decks, ship ladders, etc. Most anti-slip tape is that boring rectangular stuff, long black or yellow grip strips that, to me, sometimes look too industrial or institutional for a home, garden and even some businesses. Instead, these come in fun, eye-catching designs that will also draw people’s visual attention, potentially making it even more effective than standard rectangular anti-slip tape. I imagine some people would prefer to make homemade stickers/designs, but quite honestly, I lack the dexterity, patience, & hand strength to be able to create detailed, attractive & consistently-sized/shaped stickers (ironic given that I practice martial arts, I know). Still, I am certain if I tried to make the stars, my versions would look like an injured sea star or Dali-inspired Rorschach blots. It’s much easier to just click and buy these.

-- Linda Matsumi 05/23/08