Subjective Effect Index/AI hotel reviews/Dream stream

Recomendo - issue #347

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Descriptions of altered states

The Subjective Effect Index currently has 235 descriptions of sensory, cognitive and physical effects that may occur under the influence of psychedelics. There’s also a really cool and appropriately trippy replications gallery that has artistic representations of hallucinatory effects. Whether you’re trying to find a name for something you’ve experienced in a drug trip or just curious, this website is informative and invaluable. — CD

AI hotel reviews

Insteading of poring over dozens or hundreds of Tripadvisor reviews of a hotel, copy the Tripadvisor URL of the hotel into this website and it will generate a summary of the general sentiment of the hotel. You can select from different summary styles, like Personal Travel Advisor, Detail Orientated, Sarcastic, or Super Critical. — MF

Dream streaming

Claudia is too modest to mention it, but every night she records her dreams and uses the summary of her dream as a prompt to help an AI paint her daily dream. She calls it her Dream Stream on Instagram. I think this combination is a brilliant new genre, and a fabulous use of the new tools. Plus her summary dreams are sometimes profound. — KK

Soothing sound podcast

I usually listen to binaural beats as focus music, but lately I’ve preferred listening to the Slow Radio BBC podcast while I work. Each episode is an immersive soundscape of nature, animals and people. You can be transported to a fishing port in a foreign land or hear a choir singing in Harlem on a Sunday or listen to elephants wallowing in the mud in Zimbabwe. It is the sounds of life slowed down and it’s incredibly soothing. — CD

Non-Tesla electric cars

EVs, like Teslas, are fantastic! But there are a lot of other electric cars besides Teslas. We love our small Chevy Bolt all electric. We’ve not been to a gas station for 5 years. (One unexpected benefit, no smog testing needed!) To give you an idea of the variety of EVs now available, Wired has a helpful roundup of 17 brand new EVs being introduced in 2023. The choices will continue to deepen. — KK

Japanese passenger train videos

If you want to experience Japanese overnight train rides without actually being there, the best way is to watch this YouTube channel. An anonymous creator produces 15-20 minute videos that showcase the amenities of sleeper trains in Japan. The videos provide an inside look at the lounge cars, dining cars, showers, snacks, and beds on board the trains. The creator has also produced a video that details the experience of staying in a $14 per night ninja and geisha themed capsule hotel in Osaka. — MF

Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson


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