King Arthur Sugar/Flour Dispenser


Mess-free storage

King Arthur’s dispenser is a sturdy, reliable container that accommodates a five-pound bag of sugar or flour. You just slide in the bag, open it up, trim the bag top to the top of the container, and put the lid back on. A little flap inside the lid holds the bag open and keeps the sugar/flour from sifting down the sides. When sealed shut, the whole thing is ant- and water-proof. Another practical benefit is that the lid has two openings: One is a pour spout; The other is large enough to allow for scooping with a measuring cup. Since the spout is slightly flexible, I find I can squeeze the sides to crush any lumps or clumps.

Obviously, this is not a sexy matte-black high tech kind of tool. But using it makes me very happy. It’s a solid, well thought-out product that makes working with and storing sugar/flour much simpler, easier and cleaner.

-- Amy Thomson 07/1/09

(Tip: King Arthur Flour's online store and print catalog are packed with tons of other nifty cooking tools. The King Arthur Flour's Cookie Companion and Baker's Companion books are fabulous cookbooks. -- SL — editors)