Suncast Garden Tool Hanger


Keeps broom bristles straight

The easiest way to mess a broom up is to store it standing on its bristles. In the history of humanity, how many would that be? 100% of ours – until we started using this thing. The Suncast Tool Hanger costs a lot more than two nails, but it looks a lot better. And it keeps the snow shovels, dirt shovels, corn broom, push broom, melted-snow-on-the-garage-floor squeegee, etc., all off the floor so we don’t trip over them or crush them with a car. It’s just a piece of molded plastic, but in the 15 years of our using these they’ve not busted. Amazon’s price is $23 right now, and the two I bought almost three years ago (new house) were $18 (which seemed a lot then), so I don’t know where it’s going to be after a lot of Cool Tool people start clicking on it, but – the things work well. A few deck screws into studs or molly bolts into sheetrock will keep your wall happy too.

-- Wayne Ruffner 03/14/18