Super long power strips


12-outlet strip with 6 ft. cord and 15 amp circuit breaker

Long rigid power strips are mostly used in server rooms and the like, but make a fantastic way to add a bunch of outlets at home. Unlike their smaller plastic brethren, they look ok when mounted under a counter or at the base of a backsplash. Unlike smaller strips you can use the mother-of-all wall warts (the ur-wart?) in each outlet and not block anything. They are made of metal and won’t crack when you drop something on them. I got my first giant power strip a decade or more ago and it is still going strong.

I’ve mounted one under a counter in the kitchen to allow all appliances to be plugged in even in our pre-war rental that is sparse on outlets, and another to the back of the headboard to power the charger armada that it takes to keep an increasing array of handheld gadgets happy and fed each night. I use one on a workbench in the garage to allow me to plug in a soldering iron AND a radio AND a light AND a laptop without crowding them crowding each other.

-- Dave 09/29/20

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2016 — editors)

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