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Sur La Table Ratchet Mill

Adjust the grind thickness to fine or coarse

I didn’t know how much I hated traditional pepper grinders until I found these ratchet grinders at the local Sur La Table store.

They’re super-easy to fill: a good-sized tray opens up at the front. Adjusting the grind from coarse to fine is done via a well-marked and very prominent burled dial that goes all the way around the unit.

But the key pleasure here is the ratchet handle at the top, which delivers pepper very efficiently with a simple back-and-forth motion. You get a fair amount of pepper with every stroke, which is nice. You don’t need to crank this thing over and over unless you want a LOT of pepper or are cooking a large dish.

I don’t have any mobility issues but the guy at the store told me these are very popular with older people and especially those with arthritis, for whom the turning and torquing motion of a standard pepper grinder can be painful.

With these, you’ll never again have the issue where you have to retighten the lock nut, as often happens with a standard pepper grinder. For me, it’s just a whole new level of pleasure to use.

I like it so much I bought a white one for my Himalayan salt crystals to go with the one I use for my pepper.

-- Jonathan Steigman 02/8/23

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