SureCan Gasoline Can


Gas can's flexible spout rotates down more than 180 degrees

I purchased the SureCan at the beginning of summer 2020 and have been using it since then. It works perfectly for me and I’m glad I spent the money on it.

I have a backpack leaf blower and a string trimmer that both have two-stroke engines, and therefore require gasoline mixed with engine oil. The SureCan is different from your average gasoline container (aka jerry can). Instead of having an opening at the top with a pouring spout that you unscrew, remove, flip around, and then tighten a ring around to prevent leakage during pouring, the SureCan uses a different mechanism. It has a small pour spout that rotates from a vertical position (when not in use) to a horizontal/angled position when you’re ready to pour from it. The flow of gasoline through the spout does not start until you press down the lever on top of the container near the carrying handle.

There is also a cap on the spout that one can screw back on when not in use to prevent any excess vapors from escaping. The big advantages of this, from what I see, are two-fold. One is that the end of the pour spout is small enough to easily and accurately fit in the filler necks of the gas tanks on my backpack blower and string trimmer. The other is that the flow of gas can be cut off instantaneously with very little flow after that. This causes less spillage of gas (in my case, zero spillage now) when refilling the gas tanks on my yard care equipment. Good for your wallet, good for the environment, what’s not to love?

SureCan makes different sizes of containers and for different purposes as well. (Kerosene, water, etc.)

-- Loren Lasecki 02/9/21

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