Tool Chest

Switchblade Screwdriver

Compact all-in-one

I work as a grip in the motion picture industry, and it’s always been difficult to find one place that stocks every specific tool and supply you need for film work. Studio Stores often have everything, but they’re too expensive; hardware stores are affordable but not specialized enough. When I found, I knew I’d scored big. They have some wrenches, etc. that I assumed were one offs, made in people’s garages. Plus they’re interdisciplinary, not just film but stage as well, not just grip, but electric and even carpenter. Check it out, it’s a small operation with really good service that deserves more business. My favorite purchase was the switchblade screwdriver. Everybody asks me where I got it, It has a bunch of bits, and it takes up less space on my belt than a 4-in-1 screwdriver.

-- Eli Golub, Local 80 Hollywood, Motion Picture Studio Grip 11/11/03

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