Swobo Merino 6 Panel Beanie


Stink-resistant cycling cap

I’m all about wool these days. It’s the new polypropylene. Never stinks. Never. All my fancy high-tech fabrics smell like the bottom of a pond when I come in from a ride, but I can ride for days in my old-school wool cycling jersey and wool undershirt and they both smell about as fresh as, well, a lamb, which I can only assume doesn’t smell (I live in the city). Recently, I picked up this Swobo cycling hat with fold-down earflaps. It’s warm, lightweight, doesn’t get stanky and is thin enough to fit comfortably under a helmet. It also looks good to boot. The ear flaps fold away in the heat or can be flipped down when it gets cold — perfect for SF/Marin foggy to sunny rides.

-- Mathew Honan 03/27/08