Living on the Road

Tabletote Plus


Portable compact lightweight telescoping table

I’m an independent musician who does a lot of touring, and in order to turn a profit I have to travel light. I use a small table on stage for my equipment, but I often travel by plane so every pound and inch counts. Many times I’ve been foraging through a club before the show trying to find some kind of table because it’s often not feasible for me to bring my own.

For this purpose I recently purchased the Tabletote Plus, a table I can travel with that’s extremely light and entirely collapsible.

– The telescoping legs and attachments store underneath the table surface and can easily be stored in my backpack with plenty of space left over. I’ve never seen a table this tall fit into such a tight package. (Sharpie for size reference)


– The maximum height is 30″ which almost reaches my waist. They also have a taller version but this works for what I need it for.

– It even comes with little attachments for my beer and smartphone, as well as clips for holding up notes if I wanted.

– The cost won’t break the bank.

– The table is made entirely from plastic, the website says it can hold up to 18lbs, but I’d stay under 15lbs to be safe. On the plus side it makes it extremely light for traveling.

-- Danimal Cannon 05/14/15