Tag: Kevin’s Favorites

img 10/16/19


Better bandage

img 05/23/19

Mushrooming Without Fear

Introduction to edibles

img 03/14/19

Nesco Food Dehydrator

Affordable dehydrator

img 01/28/19

Rescue Tape

Silicone tape

img 01/25/19

Fantastic Ice Scraper

Cheap and great brass ice scraper

img 11/29/18


Brilliant 3D maze

img 11/6/18

Forschner Victorinox Chef’s Knife

Inexpensive great chef knife

img 10/18/18

Haws Watering Can

Fine-tuned watering

img 10/12/18

Knipex Pliers Wrench

Rapid, safe, strong pliers wrench

img 07/8/18


Classic puzzle in great package

img 07/5/18

GustBuster Umbrella

Unflippable umbrella