Technu Poison Ivy Remover


Poison ivy wash

I used to get terrible poison ivy working on my in-law’s blueberry farm. Then I discovered Technu ($13), outdoor skin cleaner, that when used after exposure will limit or stop an outbreak. Poison Ivy has a heavy oil called urushiol, in the leaves, as does poison oak and sumac. If removed from the skin after exposure you will either limit or entirely avoid that terrible case of poison ivy. Used within 8 hours after exposure this liquid soap strips the urushiol oil from your skin.

This stuff works! Not a beauty treatment, it does its job leaving your skin kind of dry as it pulls skin oils out as well as the poison ivy, but that is a small price to pay not to itch for a week. It was originally developed as a wash to remove radioactive fallout during the cold war. As a weekend only farmer the 12 oz. bottle lasts me several seasons. If I do get a breakout it is usually just a spot case instead of a rash all over my legs. A spray of Benadryl-like anti-itch medicine is then all I need to stay comfortable.

-- Lee Ellman 09/30/19