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Teeny Turner

Pocket-size driver

The small size and stubby shape of the Teeny Turner ($7) driver allows me to reach tight spaces and still apply considerable torque. I’ve used it to adjust tension on folding knives and my SOG PowerLock multi-tool, and to open cases on remote controls, my PDA and cell phones. I have a set of jeweler’s screwdrivers, Wiha Precision Tech screwdrivers and a Craftsman All-in-One screwdriver (overall length: 8.75 inches) with captive bits that store in the handle. The 2.5-inch Teeny Turner fits easily in a pocket; it’s made of aircraft alloy shank, has a magnetic bit holder and the included bits (Phillips 00, Phillips 0, Torx 5,6 & 8, Flat 2mm and 3mm) are generally smaller and much easier to change out than my Craftsman. One small negative is the Teeny Turner has one more bit than storage positions, so you have to choose the least pointy bit to keep in the drive shaft if you carry it in your pocket. That said, the portability really is key. Plus, I do like the name.

[Response from the manufacturer: “Thank you for your review on our Teeny Turner micro bit driver. Your concern over a “pointy” bit being in the shaft can be easily resolved by keeping the 7th bit in the handle. When you take the 7th bit and store it in the handle, DO NOT remove the bit it displaces, simply leave it in the handle also. All our drivers are designed to function this way. When using our full size drivers this has more importance because leaving the 7th bit in the handle takes up a lot less space in a tool box, etc. Hope this helps!”]


-- Chris Jacobs 09/28/18

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2008 — editors)

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