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Recomendo: issue no. 275

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Text-only weather
Get three-day weather forecasts for any city by entering ​​ in your browser’s URL bar (e.g. or The page loads fast because there are no ads or graphics. — MF

Uninhibited architecture
On this modest website, Arquitectura Libre, one photographer documents the outlandish homes that uninhibited new wealth enables in developing countries. So far he has cataloged creative buildings in only a few countries, but I’ve seen these all around the world, particularly China, so I hope he keeps going. Normal homes are so boring! — KK

Mixing colors
Mixing a specific color by hand — I want to make this particular shade of green starting from primary colors — is a super skill that artists acquire and is much harder than it looks. I watched many YouTube tutorials to learn how to do this with paints and this one by Draw Mix Paint was the best method for me. It’s still more art than science. — KK

Nighttime to-do list
A small change in my workflow that has done wonders is writing out my to-do list at night instead of in the morning when I sit down to work. I adopted this new practice after reading 11 Artists Share the Bedtime Rituals That Keep Them Creative. At least two of the artists said they plan out their goals for their next day. I find that by doing this, my mind wanders less and I fall asleep faster. — CD

Relationship mini-insight
In this short snippet from a longer interview, Esther Perel explains “Why your Partner Criticizes You.” She says behind every criticism is a wish. This does not excuse being critical toward your partner, but keeping this in mind helps me focus on what it is I’m really requesting of my partner and what he might be asking of me. Worth the 4-minute listen. — CD

Portable Apple Watch charger
I bought this small Apple Watch charger for my travel kit. It has a USB-C and USB-A plug so I can plug it into my laptop or a wall charger. — MF


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