The Adventures of Johnny Bunko

Excellent career advice

Presented in the form of manga (a comic book for grownups), this is the most succinct course in career counseling I’ve ever seen. Not what career you should pursue, but *how* you should pursue it. You can read this masterpiece in an hour, but it will take a lifetime to work out the details of those six lessons. This compact sermon will make the most difference to those just starting out in the workplace. The six quick lessons [with my comments in brackets] are:

  1. There is no plan. [The economy changes too fast for your career to have a plan]
  2. Think strengths, not weaknesses. [Find your advantages]
  3. It’s not about you. [Serving others serves you best]
  4. Persistence trumps talent. [Keep showing up]
  5. Make excellent mistakes. [Take risks, but fail forward]
  6. Leave an imprint. [Do something that matters]

Each point is given consequential flesh in this engaging story. In my experience these six lessons highlight the skills needed at work better than, say, the bestseller Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. And it is far more fun to read. I’ve bought copies of Bunko for each of my kids and for a few adult friends currently struggling with their path. I’ll probably re-read it myself in a year.

-- KK 06/20/08




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