The Basic Garden Tool


Tool for Weeding, Hoeing, Trenching, and Digging

I’ve used my trusty Basic Garden Tool (BGT) for several years now, and it’s a very helpful weapon in the fight against garden weeds, as well as a great multi-purpose tool around the yard.

Now, the Grandpa’s Weeder is great for long single-rooted weeds like dandelions, and that’s the very best tool for that type of weed. But when it comes to root-clump-forming weeds like dallis grass or foxtails, the BGT has no peer. You put the point near the base of the clump, use your foot to shove it under the clump, and lever the roots out using the long handle. Like Grandpa’s Weeder, there’s less bending over involved so it spares your back.

In addition, the shape allows you to also use it like a “hula hoe,” undercutting young weeds with minimal soil disturbance, or skimming under gravel or mulch to cut weeds at their crown. The serrations allow you to cut through tougher roots and stems. Turn it over point down, and use it to make a little trench for watering or planting, or cut through lawn thatch to make an edging. If there are a lot of rocks in your soil, you can lever them out and dislodge them using the point, just as you would with a weed clump, and shove them to the side without bending.

With just one tool, you can do many of your yard tasks without having to go grab another one. The tool is made in America, and comes with a lifetime warranty (return for replacement) and a 90-day return-for-refund policy for the original owner, so it’s not a big risk to try it out. It may become one of your favorites as well as mine!

-- Barbara Dace 04/19/23

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