The Keeper / Diva Cup

Reusable menstrual capture

The Keeper and the Diva Cup are reusable menstrual cups. I have been using the Keeper for several years now and it is excellent! I enjoy not having to throw away disgusting tampons and also not having to worry about buying them and carrying them around. It is really super and I don’t know why it’s not better known. It comes with a little cloth pouch. Any woman can use it; in fact some women who can’t use tampons (because they get pushed out) are able to use the Keeper. It takes a little practice to get used to inserting it, but you just have to have a positive attitude! It’s best to practice first when you are not on your period. The Keeper website has information on how to best insert it. I usually use one or two pads along with it for the heaviest part of my period, but it’s a far cry from all the disposable stuff I was wasting before. And, by the way, I’m not a real green freak–I just think it’s really convenient.

The Diva Cup is the same but made of silicone, so it’s claimed to be better for people with latex allergies, although I have not used one myself.

-- Maria Blees 02/23/05

(What do I know? But several women readers have suggested the silicone Diva Cup as the improved version. They claim it is non-allergic, it tends to deform less over time, offers an easier grip to removal, and lasts longer. A good discussion of the merits of both, and tips for use, can be found on Metafilter. -- KK — editors)

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