The Maker’s Router

Best Router for CNC

Tool: DeWALT Router DWP611

Guest: Matt Stultz, Head of Community, Prusa Research
Twitter: @MattStultz

There’s a lot of great routers on the market, but I chose the 611 because I love the compact size that it is for a palm router, as well as how ubiquitous this is in the DIY CNC world.

You pick up one of these and toss it into your toolbox, but you can also pretty easily quick disconnect the collar from it and slide it into a CNC machine and use it as a CNC router. Because it has variable speed it is often used in many commercial CNC that are out there like the X-Carve or Shapeoko and there are third-party collets that you can add to it to get even more precision routing on it.

So at one point, I walked through Maker Faire and looked at all the CNCS that were sitting on the tables and you could just count off the all 611 routers. This is really a great router in the CNC world and a great hand router for finishing your projects also. So instead of having to have two tools, you can have it mounted in your router, pull it out and use it to finish your project once you’re done with the CNC routing on it.

-- Matt Stultz 06/1/20