The Milepost


Alaskan highway guide

If you’re thinking of doing a road trip to Alaska, The Milepost is a must-have. This thick publication, revised annually, has mile-by-mile conditions of all the major highways in Alaska and other northern points, including Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories and the Yukon.

It’s available in some brick and mortar bookstores, and online from their website.

-- Regis 12/1/05


"What is the best time of year to go?" is one of the most frequently asked questions about traveling to Alaska. During the summer, the weather in the North is as variable and unpredictable as anywhere else. Go prepared for both hot, sunny days and cold, rainy days. Regardless of weather, the Alaska Highway is open all year.

May: fewer people on the road, can be fine weather.
June: long days averaging 20 hours of daylight.
July: busiest month on the highway, can also be the wettest.
August: trees start to turn colors, nights get chilly.
September: fall colors, first frost and snow possible in some areas, uncrowded ferries.


Snow poles mark the road edge for snow plows in scenic Thompson Pass


Is the Alaska Highway paved?
All of the Alaska Highway is paved, although highway improvement projects- such as the Shakwak Project between Haines Junction and the AK-YT border-often mean motorists have to drive miles of gravel road through construction areas, bringing into question whether that statement is altogether accurate.

But the Alaska Highway is much improved from what is was even 20 years ago. It was during the 1980s that many of the rerouting and paving projects were completed. By 1992, the 50th anniversary of the Alaska Highway, the last section of original gravel road had been rerouted and paved.