The Tiny Book of Tiny Houses

Appropriately minimal

Of all the books championing tiny houses, this tiny one is my favorite. Each very tiny house — or should we say each shack and shed — is photographed and sufficiently rendered in orthogonal view that one could construct it, or at least borrow designs from it. Less is more. This teeny book is, as they say, huge.George Bernard Shaw, perhaps the most significant British playwright since the seventeenth century, wrote his most creative work, including his plays Pygmalion, Heartbreak House, Back to Methuselah, and Saint Joan, in a little writing hut at the bottom of this garden at his home in England.

Shaw designed the hut himself as a tiny office built on a central steel-pole frame so that it could be manually rotated to follow the arc of the sun. He worked alone and loved his privacy; he even adjusted his telephone for outgoing calls only.

-- KK 06/19/03


(Left) George Bernard Shaw's Writing Hut; 8' x 8' -- 64 square feet

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