The Wet Brush


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I have very long, fine hair; it’s difficult to find a brush that’s good at detangling, doesn’t scratch the scalp or yank the hair, yet is efficient and long-lasting—and inexpensive, too.

After decades of searching — nylon, boar bristle, cushioned wooden bristles, etc., etc. — I’ve finally found the “Wet Brush,” and it’s a keeper! It can be used wet or dry, and it’s great for detangling my long, fine hair without yanking or pulling it out by the roots. The bristles have just the right amount of flex, and are tipped so they don’t scratch. It actually feels good to use it, like a scalp massage. My very young niece, who has ultra-fine hair, often fusses and cries when her hair is brushed, but she asked for a “Wet Brush” of her own after I used mine to detangle her hair. I hear it’s great for curly hair, as well.

If you have very long hair, keep one in the shower: before toweling off your hair, brush it out under the running shower stream until it’s detangled; then towel off; it’ll be much, much easier to brush/comb out afterwards.

This set comes with a travel/purse brush as well, which is handy; or you can get them separately. I’ve bought a number of these over the years, mostly because I’m lazy and like to have one in the shower, one in the bedroom, one in my travel kit, etc…and I’ve discovered THERE ARE FAKES OUT THERE, and it’s impossible to tell which seller might send a fake. This last set I got are the real thing: they have both the black “Wet Brush-Pro” imprint on the handle and an embossed “Wet Brush” logo on the neck of the brush, and came in the stiff, clear, rectangular plastic boxes that narrow like a tent at the top. But there is a way to detect a fake: firmly grasp one bristle, and try to push it back into the cushion of the brush. If it will go, it’s a fake; return it.

If it stays firm, you probably have the real thing—and it ought to last for years! I bought my first one over 5 years ago and it’s still working like a champ — but a fake purchased years later is now nearly useless, with half the bristles pulled out or pushed completely into the cushion. So don’t forget to test your brush once you receive it!

-- Barbara Dace 11/6/20

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