The World’s Cheapest Destinations


How to travel cheaply

So much to see, so little time. You won’t ever see it all, so why not select your destination by how inexpensive it is, thus maximizing your journey? You can spend two weeks in Europe, or 6 months elsewhere. Your choice. Travellers who choose the latter have far more fun, learn more, and bring dollars where it can do the most good. Rock-bottom prices also transform budget travel in these areas into luxury travel. This thin guide is a good investment for this approach. It lists 21 of the world’s cheapest countries for travelers with more time than money, with a brief idea of what to expect. Stick to these few and you’ll still have a lifetime of adventures.

-- KK 12/8/03


Prices plunged to a ridiculous level in the midst of the Asian currency crisis -- when my wife and I needed five weeks of travel to spend $350, despite living it up.

We paid a dollar a night for a great room with bath in Jaisalmer, then found out the guys next to us had bargained the owner down to 65 cents!

A cheapie room in a basic cold-water hotel starts at around $4 in the villages and averages $7-$10 in the cities. The worst hotel we stayed in was $8 and the best one we stayed in was $8. It just depends on where you are.