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Thera Cane


Arthritis has taken its toll on my body. My extremities have few muscles and most of my spinal column is fused. Oddly though, this morphed architecture has created Schwarzeneggerian neck muscles. Recently I’ve gotten very serious about maintaining my health and exercising. Daily lifting of hand weights has helped me build some decent arm muscles, but it’s also made my shoulder/neck muscles EVEN tighter. Brave humanitarian souls have broken parts of themselves trying to massage my shoulders. A typical scene is someone messaging me and they’re the one making all of the ugh-ing and uh-ing noises. They usually give up before my knotted muscles do. So, imagine my relief (literally!) when I discovered this gizmo. The Thera-Cane is a curved fiberglass “self-messager.” This thing really has balls when it comes to deep tissue message — 6 of them, in fact– on various parts of the cane for getting at those hard to reach places. A little amount of pressure applied to the “body” of the cane translates to significant pressure on the balls. I can now pressurize (and release) those gnarly neck muscles to my heart’s content, and nobody else has to lose finger joints, knuckles, elbows, etc. No one gets hurt, and my neck (and everything else I can reach) feels SO much better!

-- Gareth Branwyn 06/26/03

(Please see the more recently-reviewed Body Back Buddy. — editors)

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