Thermos Foogo Sippy Cups and Bottles


Best sippy cups for toddlers

There’s no end to the amount you can spend on gadgetry for child-rearing, and yet I’ve been amazed at the poor design and shoddy construction that seems to dominate even the high-end of the parental gear spectrum.

Living in New York City, where space is at a premium and the cost of living is high, I get incredibly irritated by the presence any tool in our home whose function fails to justify the space it hogs & the cash it consumed.

Fortunately, my wife & I have made a few happy discoveries in the 2 ½ years since our son was born: topping our list is Thermos’ Foogo line of sippy cups and bottles. In a world of leaky, breakable, and otherwise cruddy drinking vessels for infants and toddlers, these are exemplars of functionality – plus they look good.

We favor the stainless steel straw bottles – no leaking, minimal plastic, dishwasher safe, insulation that keeps smoothies cold – but the plastic ones have also served us well. You can order inexpensive replacement straws & gaskets directly from Thermos (they’re not listed on the website, so you have to call Customer Service at 877-419-8272).

These aren’t the cheapest bottles on the market, but we’ve found they work & last. Mom and Dad are happy – our son is hydrated. Three cheers!

-- Ed Forgotson 02/9/15

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